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Christine Jacob Sandejas 11:17 17.08.2015

It was the usual leisurely stroll through the mall. Christine Jacob-Sandejas noticed a small art school tucked in the corner. The celebrity mom went in, liked what she saw and the Jacob-Sandejas brood was hooked. The school is globalart, a worldwide chain of art schools that prides itself with its unique step-by-step art education syllabus.globalart accepts students as young as four years old, teens and adults. Anyone can enroll anytime.

“It was an amazing find,” Christine recalls that fateful day a year ago. To think that the former Olympic athlete and now TV host was not even scouting around for an art school for her kids. “At first I thought it is just your usual art classes that fill up spare time when school is off.” Christine soon found out how it could be farther from the truth. “Even just after a few classes, suddenly my kids’ creativity blossomed. They became more confident and it started to have positive effects in other parts of their lives.”

A good example is Christine’s eldest, Paolo who at 11 looks every inch a heartthrob. Ever since he can remember, he had been drawing and doodling even during class. It has gotten to the point that his teachers eventually gave up reprimanding him. After he started attending Global Art classes, he got enough skills and confidence to join his school’s editorial cartoon contest. He did not win the top prize but he was able to prove to himself that he can do anything he puts his mind into.

Gabby, the second in the family, had earlier on declared that she truly loves to draw. globalart made it easier and more fun. “Drawing is where I can express my feelings and thoughts and just have fun,” the chatty 10-year-old declares. “It is something you can’t stop doing. Just like riding a bike, you can’t forget how to draw.” Gabby then proudly showed her latest artwork of a lion traveling around the world.

Eight-year-old Nina gushes about how Global Art pushes her imagination. The work she is most proud of is that of a boy playing tennis. “I will always draw from now on, even when I am older.”

The youngest globalart student in the household is five year-old Luis. He is the proud artist behind a landscape masterpiece. His latest artistic collaboration is with Kuya Paolo who taught him how to draw Angry Bird.

To find something that her children love is a most welcome experience for a hands-on parent like Christine. Christine states that going to Global Art is such a happy occasion for her children. “I did not even have to force them to enroll. They all wanted to sign up. They are all eager to attend their sessions with no prodding.” They meet new friends plus the teachers are so accommodating. After just a few classes, Christine says she can actually see improvement in their drawing and coloring skills.

globalart follows a program developed and constantly upgraded by its founder Mahair Goh of Global Art Malaysia. Children and adults will definitely find something that will suit their current skills and advance from there. The core program consists of a series of levels. Each level engages the student to master specific skills through themes. Together with the guidance of trained instructors, students participate in the exploration and development of their creative side.

Christine does not expect her kids to pursue art as a career. This early, Paolo is into soccer. Gabby wants to be a fashion designer or a singer. Nina loves cooking and baking, and is a budding marathoner like her mom. Luis is still a carefree and fun-loving little boy.

What is important for Christine is that her children are now more confident, creative and imaginative.

GlobalArt Ha Noi
GlobalArt Ha Noi